Formal Application

What is a formal life insurance application?

A formal life insurance application is the consumer's official request to purchase a life insurance policy from the life insurance company.

By signing and submitting a formal application, you are authorizing that carrier to formally perform underwriting and make a definitive decision. The results will be formally recorded in your life insurance application history.

What are the risks of a formal application?

If the life insurance company declines your formal application, then that declination becomes part of your formal application history. This can make it more difficult to find affordable coverage in the future.

To avoid this risk, our firm's policy is to always perform a thorough prequalification on your behalf. Only after you carefully review your prequalified quote - and you wish to pursue that quote - then we'll submit a formal application on your behalf.

Our firm is widely recognized for our expertise in prequalification - also known as field underwriting. Obtaining the most dependable and accurate quotes available in the current marketplace is 'business as usual' for us.

Our client testimonials speak for themselves, regarding our success in eliminating the risk for the consumer.

How long does it all take?

The prequalification phase typically takes 1-3 weeks.

The formal application phase typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Fast tracking is available upon request.

Who keeps track of all the paper work?

We do. It's our job to monitor your formal application from start to finish.

Whenever additional medical or financial questionnaires are required, we'll send them to you with clear instructions on completing them and returning them to our office.

We keep you updated on your application's progress. And our office is always open to your questions and concerns. Please feel free to use our toll-free line at any time of day or night to leave your message, and we will return your calls on a timely basis.

What happens after I submit my application?

After we receive your formal application, we immediately forward it to the insurance company. Several paths are set into motion, simultaneously.

If a life insurance exam is required, we will immediately contact the life insurance examiner. The examiner will then call you to schedule an appointment for your exam.

Upon receiving your formal application, the life insurance company will follow-up with a personal history interview.

Also, the company might access your medical records if they deem it necessary.

And the company might request that you complete additional financial or medical questionnaires, which we would promptly send to you with instructions.

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Steve's prequalification process was quick, easy, and provided accurate and deliverable quotes.

He kept us constantly informed of the application's status and promptly notified us when additional information was required. Everything was handled both professionally and courteously.

We highly recommend Steve Kobrin's services.

Patrick & Amanda